Career Portals of the big groups in the UAE – Register your CVs or resumes here!

While job hunting, had registered my resume at some of these groups career websites. Today, a friend had requested me to share some links to the career websites of the big groups in the United Arab Emirates.  I did a quick google scan and could come up with the below links and I thought that it would make a useful blog post (not sure if such a consolidated list already exists – should be there), but sharing whatever I could come across. Will keep updating the list.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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Tecom Group

Chennai Biriyani, Deira, Dubai – 04 239 4884, 050 678 7170

During a visit to a relative’s house in Sharjah, was treated to Chennai Biriyani. Being a flavoured rice lover, my taste buds loved it! Learnt that Chennai Biriyani had a restaurant in Dubai…so googled them and found their menu cards featured on…cool! has implemented a scanned restaurant menu cards database on a large scale, what I similarly had tried on a small scale in 2006 on, and recently here on (screen shot from their website).

Do visit them to access a comprehensive database of scanned restaurant menus in Dubai.



Perumal Flower Shop (Natural Flower Trading) & Perumal Stores, Dubai – 04 3539388, 04 3532132, 050 6955287, 050 5486575 - Perumal Flower Shop Dubai 04 3539388, 04 3532132, 050 6955287, 050 5486575

From their Facebook page:


General Information
This is the first fresh flower shop in dubai found or established in october 27,1990.
All kind of fresh indian flowers are imported from india to dubai.
We are the major importer of jasmine flower from india & we are expert in indian wedding decoration in dubai, UAE.
V.Perumal is the owner of Perumal Flower Shop & Grocery.He started his business in oct 27,1990.Since 22 years,this shop is being successful and popular by god’s grace and your support.Thanks to all the customers and friends for your great support.
– All types of indian fresh flowers and all pooja items are available.
– Mandap, stage and car Decoration service available.
– We make all types of wedding garlands(varmala/jaimala).
For more info:
Perumal Flower Shop – 04 3539388
Perumal Stores – 04 3532132
V.Perumal -050 6955287
P.Shankar -050 5486575.

Bheemas Restaurant, Karama, Dubai (Non-vegetarian) 04-3372733, 04-3375745

[imagebrowser id=7]

Discovered Bheemas Restaurant’s new location by chance. They were previously located on Kuwait Street, Karama next to Snow White, when you go towards the Karama Post Office from Karama Centre. Then they vanished from my radar.

They are now located in a much smaller location but doing bigger business! They are located inside a shopping complex on the side of Karama Park, opposite Lulu Centre…the side near the roundabout, going towards Saravana Bhavan restaurant.

Aryaas Vegetarian Restaurant, Karama, Bur Dubai 04 3355776

[imagebrowser id=6]

Aryaas Restaurant, I think first started out in Karama in 2006. A good place for vegetarian south Indian fare. In 2011, they have started a upmarket branch opposite Bur Juman mall in the Bank Street (Khalid Bin Waleed street). In this Bur Dubai branch, I love the Ragi Dosas and Wheat Dosas..healthy bites! In the Karama branch, they had bajra rotis…healthier options are now creeping into restaurant menus – a good sign!

I could only find their old menu…will put up a newer version if I get one.

Tamizh magazine – Tamizh Ther

Was given a copy of the above magazine when shopping at Sivestar grocery in Karama. It was a good resource of a lot more of tamil businesses and services in the United Arab Emirates. I immediately took photographs of the advertisements and will post them one by one, so that they are indexable by search engines.

Tamizh Magazine - Tamizh Theru

I googled “Tamizh Ther” hoping to find more information about the publishers etc. and came across this article published on Dec 27 2010:

துபாயில் தமிழ்த்தேர் இதழ் வெளியீடு மற்றும் கவியரங்கம்

திங்கள்கிழமை, டிசம்பர் 27, 2010, 10:35

துபாய்: வானலை வளர்தமிழ் இலக்கிய அமைப்பின், தமிழ்த்தேரின் 47 வது மாத இதழான “காலச்சக்கரம்” இதழ், வெளியீட்டு விழா மற்றும் கவியரங்கம் நிகழ்ச்சி டிசம்பர் 24, காலை 11 மணியளவில் துபாய் கராமா சிவஸ்டார் பவனில் நடைபெற்றது.

English summary:

Vanalai Valar Tamil literary organisation”s Tamil Ther”s 47th Kalachakram magazine released in Dubai. A Poem session also held on December 24 at Dubai Karama Shivstar bhavan. Media sultan Group general manager Ram Muthiah was the chief guest.



Ponnusamy Restaurant, Al Qusais, Dubai 04 2619750

When Ponnusamy restaurant had a Karama branch, we had been there a few times. But in 2009, they had relocated to Qusais. Finally, dropped in there and had a taste of their spicy tamizh cuisine!

Their Nandu soup (crab soup) served piping hot was quite delicious and soothed my sore throat (there seems to be some kind of of a cold flu circulating – could be because of the transition to summer). Starters were “Chicken Lollipop” – kid’s favourite…can rate it as a good!

We had ordered Kal dosai (thick dosas), parathas and chapatis to go with the naatu kozhi kozhambu (country chicken curry) – excellent… and finished off with ‘naatu kozhi’  biryani…all were quite good!

Here is their home delivery menu (there are 6 page you can view as a slide show below it a larger version of the pages to browse through):

[nggallery id=5]

[imagebrowser id=5]


Simran Aapa Kadai, Karama Dubai 04 3348030

Though not a completely Tamil restaurant I think, they manage to keep their chili levels lower and thus appeal to a cosmopolitan crowd. Their aapams are heavenly….and you will find that one is not enough! I heard that they have opened a branch in Chennai now.

Reproducing their latest menu below:

[nggallery id=4]


[imagebrowser id=4]



Vasantam Hotel (Vasanta Bhavan) Bur Dubai 04 3934873 / 04 3938006

Vasantam Hotel has an attached vegetarian restaurant with staple Tamil / south Indian cuisine. Their hotel rooms are decently priced.

They seem to have started in Dubai in the year 2000, according to their About Us page on their website (

Reproducing their menu card below only for reference (it’s quite an old one that I found today while rummaging through some old papers). Click on the images to enlarge:

Vasantam Hotel (Vasanta Bhavan) Bur Dubai

Vasantam Hotel (Vasanta Bhavan) Bur Dubai